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Notion Template Mockup Bundle | No Devices | Notion Pages Display

Notion Template Mockup Bundle | No Devices | Notion Pages Display

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Looking for a tool to showcase your Notion templates & Notion planners quickly and beautifully on Etsy? Look no further! Our Canva template is perfect for Etsy sellers to showcase their beautiful designs.

Notion Template Mockup Bundle for Digital Product Listing Templates - No Devices

*Note: These templates do not include devices, they are squares and landscape - perfect to display Notion template pages & sections For a mix of templates with devices - check out the listing HERE

You just spent all that time making Notion templates and you are now ready to sell them on Etsy. You need to make your shop look amazing with an amazing product listing template that will showcase your work. We got you!

- Perfect size to showcase Notion templates for sale

- Multiple designs to chose from

- Fully editable in Canva

- Shadows included to make designs pop

- Use font and colors or change to your own

With our easy-to-use templates, you'll be able to customize everything from background to text, and even replace our stock photos with your own. Once you purchase the template, you'll receive a PDF with a link to the Canva templates and instructions on how to edit it to fit your needs.

Here's how it works: Purchase the template and immediately receive a PDF with a link and guide. Open the link, duplicate the templates, customize the template in Canva, and upload it to your account. You can copy and edit your template as many times as you need to.

These mockups are perfect to display Notion templates, Notion pages, Notion planners, Notion digital products, Notion with a mix of landscape mockups, iPad mockups, internal page mockups, and more.

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